Visualize your Sunday morning, when you type “brunch nearby” on your phone. A list of all relevant places will appear on your screen. But, when we communicate with a voice service, you’d be more likely to request in a manner like, “Alexa, what are the best places to brunch nearby?” Ensure the machines are capable of recognizing and reacting to thousands of various commands to simply be successful.

Nobody likes to learn a hundred of commands to execute particular tasks. Be mindful not to create a system that which is complex, not user-friendly and takes too much time to be familiar. Machines should be capable of remembering us and becoming more productive with each use. For suppose, you ask your device for directions, which is like, “Alexa, can you give me directions to home.” This scene creates a disappointing experience for the user which is neither satisfying nor successful.

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Marwan Kheireddine

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